Video game localization is a complex and very demanding process. It requires individual approach to each and every aspect of the project. 

Depending on the genre and the customer's requirements, we pick a team with the right experience and skills.

But video game localization is not only skills and experience. It also requires intuition. All the items and fragments of the text, including complex variables, have to fit the genre and style of the game and the area where the text will appear.

Many inexperienced translators do not stop to think about the context of the text they are translating. That is why you can find many strange or outright wrong translations in titles translated by the wrong team.

We believe that video game localization is a creative process. We need to localize the text, not just translate it.

What is the difference, you might ask?

When playing a game, the player must feel the events, not only observe it. Bad translation can hurt immersion and can lead to bad gaming experience even when the mechanics and the story are great.

Localization means adding to the text or changing it, where it is necessary to adjust it to the gamer, while preserving the main message behind the wording. Instead of being a literal translation, the translation has to fit the context of the screen, action, story, character and any other elements of gameplay that might be significant when the text is displayed.

Then and only then the player's experience will be seamless. Good localization adds to the gameplay and feels like an inherent part of the game. It is more about transcreation than simple translation.

We are a team of long-time gamers that are still actively playing video games. We are in touch with latest trends in the gaming industry and thus intuitively know what to look at when translating.

Each project team is built with experienced, creative and diverse people, who show dedication and great teamwork, proved time and time again over the course of numerous projects. We can boast broad general knowledge covering many domains, allowing us to easily pick out references to popular culture, history, current events, etc. in the games we are localizing.

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